The right mentors made all the difference: Get to know ACA graduate Russ Savage


When students graduate and earn an amazing job, it helps inspire current and potential students to take the actions they need to achieve their own dreams. This week we’d like to highlight Russ Savage, who just accepted his ideal job as a junior product manager and front-end developer at HEATH.

Russ learned the importance of leaning on a strong network of mentors to help him achieve his goals. His mentors helped him stay focused, inspired him to learn new coding skills, and connected him with the right person to land his current full-time role.

Here's what Russ had to say about his experience at ACA:

What class were you in, and why did you decide to attend ACA? 

I graduated in the Fall 2018 from the full stack program. I chose ACA because I felt like it was the best value bootcamp, and I was still able to work while attending the program.

Anything you’d like to highlight about your experience with ACA?

I’d really like to highlight how much Chris, Kevin, Dan, Zac, and Bob helped me at ACA:

Chris referred me for the interview that led to my employment. It is a perfect fit for me. It’s a small company where I get to participate in and learn about many aspects of the software business: development, project management, and UI/UX.

Dan helped me stay focused on the end goal of being job ready and helped me through my feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed along the way.

Kevin helped me learn about frameworks that were not taught in the program that I encountered after graduation.

Zac ran the initial alumni workshop and encouraged me to learn things like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Flow, and different project structures for React/Redux apps.

Bob ran the second iteration of the alumni workshop and really inspired us to broaden our horizons and work towards becoming “framework agnostic” so we are not tied to any particular tech-stack.

I would also like to call out my boss Luke Heath and our company HEATH.

Luke Heath has been incredibly gracious and an excellent mentor. I am incredibly lucky to get in on the ground floor of such a great business and learn new frameworks like Vue, Angular and Sails. I’ve also learned Agile project management methodologies (Scrum, Lean, Kanban) and product management.

ACA was a fantastic school, and Kevin, Chris, Dan, Zac, Bob, and Luke all went out of their way to help me toward my goal of becoming a developer.

Share a fun fact about yourself.

I race RC cars competitively.

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