Student project highlight: Jon Gucciardi


Each month, we like to highlight projects made by Austin Coding Academy students. This month, we talked to Jon Gucciardi about the messaging app he created, Gabby Gator.


Can you describe your project?

I set out to build a messenger application using MongoDb, Node, React, and Next. The app, Gabby Gator, is deployed using Docker and the new heroku-docker CLI. The application will allow users to create a profile, including an automatically generated avatar from an API I found online. Once authenticated and registered, the user can begin to create rooms, where they can communicate by text with other users in the app.


What problem or challenge is your project solving?

Since NextJs is still new, and configuring the routing for the sockets was a challenge, the goal was to implement this new framework with an existing idea I had from previous projects. Now that the app is stable, I am working on adding new features and options.


Who is the user for your project?

The general public and users of social media.


How did you consider the user experience when developing your project?

Users want a seamless experience when using any technology and an interface which is easy to use. The front end is programmed using React, which creates for a very responsive application. Future developments will include more customization options and seamless drag and drop feature of files.


How did your instructors at ACA help guide you through completing the project?

The instructors at the ACA were encouraging to the project. Each week I would take time to gather solutions to ideas with Ivo.


Has this project helped you with your job search? If so, share how.

This project served as a great way to get my foot in the door with a lot of interviews. By completing a project from start to finish, from dev-ops (deployment) to database to backend to front end, my confidence and understanding of the role of a full stack developer became more clear. Once I became more comfortable in the interview space, I was able to land my first job as a software developer for Verizon Wireless Cloud Computing Team. (Verizon VCP). They use all of the technology and frameworks I learned at the ACA and then some.